For 2011, I Gave My Blog a CrowdSourced Facelift — Well, Sort Of…

So, you may have noticed the new look for my blog and want to know, “Why the change?”

When I originally started this blog, I did it as an experiment; I didn’t give a lot of thought about the long-term breadth of topics I wanted to cover beyond “Software as a Service” nor the blog’s overall positioning. I thought that if it garnered a few followers I would circle back and consider its “look and feel” and branding.

Creating the Killer App Starts with Killer UE/UI

One of the transformations that enterprise software companies – SaaS or otherwise – need to make is to convert the user experience of their applications such that they are far more intuitive and easy to use – far more  consumer app-like.

Facebook is EVIL

Ok…that may be a little over the top but it got your attention. Truthfully, I’m confident that the vast majority of the folks who work at Facebook are good people but a recent exchange between my wife and Facebook gave me significant pause for thought.

These Aren’t Your Mother’s Cookies….

There is increasing scrutiny over the use of browser cookies to track end user web behavior. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled, “Cookies Cause Bitter Backlash” as well as a series titled, “What They Know” which describes how companies are tracking individuals across the web in order to develop individual profiles that enable better ad targeting. In response, the more sophisticated web users erase cookies from their browsers but the vast majority of web users either don’t know how or don’t bother to erase cookies retained in their browsers.

Cloud Computing…in Bed

You know a market is heating up when it feels like every company, start up or incumbent, is taking a position in it. That’s certainly the way it feels with ‘Cloud Computing’. Every company I meet with now seems to have some sort of Cloud Computing angle.