These Aren’t Your Mother’s Cookies….

There is increasing scrutiny over the use of browser cookies to track end user web behavior. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled, “Cookies Cause Bitter Backlash” as well as a series titled, “What They Know” which describes how companies are tracking individuals across the web in order to develop individual profiles that enable better ad targeting. In response, the more sophisticated web users erase cookies from their browsers but the vast majority of web users either don’t know how or don’t bother to erase cookies retained in their browsers.

Cloud Computing — You Say it Your Way, I’ll Say it Mine

It’s not hard to find online commentary declaring that a particular piece of technology jargon has gone out of fashion. All too often the folks writing these posts seem more interested in being provocative rather than accurate – trying to make themselves appear to be  ‘ahead of the curve’.

RPM Accelerates the Front Office

Almost a year ago, I posted a blog titled “The Case for ‘Revenue Performance Management’ in the Front Office” where I introduced this new category of performance management targeted to the unique needs of the Front Office, line of business users who control the top-line for a company.

I believe there is tremendous opportunity in delivering Back Office-like performance management techniques to the Front office to enable better business decisions by the lines of business, so I reached out to SignalDemand, one of the companies I mentioned in my last post, to test whether the framework I had developed has mapped to their experience on the ground. 

Cyber Liability Insurance — As a Cloud Provider Can You Afford Not To Have It?

Last year, I asked my friend Cary Platkin, a tech attorney specializing in SaaS/cloud issues, to contribute to this blog with a Q&A on the SaaS Business Model and Some Common Legal Questions.  That posting was so well received, I asked him to come back again with whatever issue was most pressing for his clients these days.

Not surprisingly, he said SaaS and cloud-based companies are struggling with the liability issues associated with customers’ number one concern — security.  Customers want vendors to assume unlimited liability for security breaches; vendors want to restrict and cap their liability. Negotiated subscription agreements often end up somewhere in the middle.  So, how can a vendor give its customers a high level of liability protection and still sleep at night?

Based upon my conversation with Cary, the answer may lie in a good cyber liability insurance policy.

SaaS Point Solutions Days are Numbered

I just finished reading a post on titled “Best of Breed vs. Suite in the SaaS Era“, a Q&A session between Maryann Jones Thompson, editor of and Sina Moatamed, CIO of BendPak/Ranger.

The general premise of the article is that SaaS point solutions or “best of breed” are going to eventually be replaced by suites – just as what happened with traditional enterprise software applications.